How to Register

  • Registration for courses at DCS is mandatory and begins at least 3 weeks in advance of each semester.
  • You can register by one of these options:
    1. Visit the school on its weekend open hours. (Due to the pandemic, our physical location is currently closed but we are offering online classes.)
    2. Call us directly at (940) 243-5688.
    3. Fax or mail a DCS registration form (found online).

Faxing is available at the same phone number and by calling us first at (940) 243-5688 to notify us of an incoming fax.

Mailing Address
Dallas Chinese School
P.O. Box 50043
Denton, TX 76206

  • Registration for the New PSAT/SAT Math and English course is accepted year-round since the curriculum is constantly updated and each week teachers present completely new material.

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